Info about Slavonski Brod

Located in the South-Eastern part of the Slavonian plain in the valley of the river Sava, right on border that separates Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slavonski Brod is in possession of an extremely favorable geographical position, which manifest itself through the accessibility of numerous transport routes and the proximity of the major administrative centers, and results in favorable prerequisites for further development.

The bridge over the Sava River connects the Republic of Croatia with Bosnia and Herzegovina. Brod is situated at an important highway and railway junction (E70, A3 Zagreb-Lipovac-Belgrade highway and Zagreb-Vinkovci-Belgrade railway). The railroad and highway in the northern part of the town connect Western Europe with the Middle East. In adition, a new modern highway on the international transit route 5C is under construction; it will connect Northern Europe and Hungary with Croatia (Slavonia region), Bosnia and Herzegovina and again Croatia (coastal region of Dalmatia). With completion of this route, the area of the town will become one of the major highway intersections in this part of Europe connecting West to East and North to South.

The city’s economy is based on metal- and wood-processing, textile and leather industry, building material, foodstuffs, viticulture and fruit growing etc. Slavonski Brod is a home to Đuro Đaković consortium, one of the most efficient metal industries in the south-east European region. It consists of number of factories producing very diverse products, such as locomotives, trams, wagons, bridges, industrial plants, nuclear and process reactors, car industry parts, heavy armed vehicles, agricultural machinery etc. Most of the products are exported to many different countries: Germany, Netherlands, France, Sweden, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Austria and Belgium.

Slavonski Brod remains the industrial center of Eastern Croatia, which draws many potential investors and good-quality human resources. The intensive industrial development, however, did nothing to affect City’s beautiful environment and the heritage left by many nations and cultures that resided in this area. The Croatian Tourism Board, appropriately, awarded Slavonski Brod with the title of Croatia’s most beautiful continental city for the year of 2009.

The Slavonski Brod region covers an area of 50.10 km2, which is 0.09% of the total land area of Croatia. The City of Slavonski Brod is the administrative, industrial, cultural, judicial and financial center of the Brod-Posavina County. It is the second biggest and second most important city in Slavonia and 7th biggest Croatian city after Zagreb, Split, Rijeka, Osijek, Zadar and Velika Gorica.

Slavonski Brod has always been an industrial city and its future lies precisely in that sector, which is why further modernization of Brod’s factories and industry is necessary. The distances from major regional centers prove the exceptional geographic position of Slavonski Brod. The distance between Slavonski Brod and Zagreb

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