Small economic zone Bjeliš

Small Economic Zone Bjeliš is built inside town-planning defined Industrial zone Bjeliš, on town-planning foreseen area (GUP general town-planning scheme of Slavonski Brod). With complete infrastructural equipment Zone is ready to accept numerous entrepreneurs-investors who would, by constructing their own production-business buildings, materialize their entrepreneurs’ initiative for strengthening and developing their own trades or companies.

Location of the Zone is lesser North and mainly South from the industrial traffic road. Total surface of the Zone is 236.500 m2.

Zone is completely urban elaborated and equipped with complete communal infrastructure needed for an undisturbed business activity of various economic subjects on its area.

Zone is situated nearby of the existent constructed industrial traffic road and railway industrial gauge. In the direct vicinity of the Zone construction of port quay on the river Sava is underway and new border crossing with BiH and international traffic road is planned.

Attracting factors for Investors in the Small Economic Zone Bjeliš

* Acceptable price of the land for economic purpose, completely equipped
* Extremely favourable traffic position of Zone (close to road and railway node, river port)
* Nearness of City of Slavonski Brod as a potential big market,
* The vicinity of Free zone Đuro Đaković -Slavonski Brod d.o.o. – establishing business cooperation with the companies that make business in the composition of secluded part of the Free Zone,
* Good road connection with Slavonski Brod, by motorway with the whole Croatia and international road in the direct vicinity with the neighbouring state, the Bosnia and Herzegovina,
* Quality traffic infrastructure on the area of small economic Zone,
* Vicinity of border crossings with BiH.
* Planned construction of complete communal infrastructure in small economic Zone,
* Available skilled and professional labour in Slavonski Brod and the neighbouring area,
* The existence of constructed quality entrepreneurial infrastructure in Town (development agencies, business incubator, sources of favourable credit means for entrepreneurs).


 Size of the zone (m2)  236.500
 Land for expansion  (m2)  n/a
 Land lot size (m2)  n/a
 Available land (m2)  236.500
 Model of transfer  Purchase
 Price (EUR/m2)  8,10
 Number of  companies  0
 Business activities
 Environmental-friendly production – manufacturing and  processing  sector:
 – service activities related to manufacturing,
 – innovative programs and programs of high technology,

– logistics and distribution centers

 People employed



Roads Yes
Electricity Yes
Sewage Yes
Water Yes
Gas Yes
Telecommunication Yes



Highway distance 5 km
Railway distance 4 km
Airport distance 190 km (Zagreb), 100 km (Osijek)
River port distance 3 km (Slavonski Brod)
Seaport distance 353 km (Rijeka)


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