Small economic zone Kolonija

Small economic zone Kolonija is built on the terrain of surface 32.764 m2 that is planned by the General urban plan of Slavonski Brod for the construction of economic buildings, mostly intended for industry. The position of the Zone is extremely favourable, directly along the town’s traffic roads and near the motorway, railway, river port and border passing with the Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The site of the small economic Zone directly along the border of Free zone Đuro Đakovic and Industrial zone Đuro Đakovic also offers the series of concessions for successful business cooperation between the economic entities from their area with the entities from the small economic Zone. On the area of small economic Zone, the priority will be given to the business subject which basic activity is the production of finished products or half-products.

For completely infrastructural terrain of surface 25.569 m2 (useful surface for entrepreneurs), it would be able to obtain construction and all other needed permissions in short period and it will be sold to entrepreneurs for extremely low terrain prices.

With complete infrastructural equipment, the small economic Zone will be ready to accept 8 to 10 entrepreneurs-investors who would, by constructing their own production-business buildings, materialize their entrepreneurs’ initiative for strengthening and developing then-own trades or companies.

The construction and activation of small economic zone Kolonija is the transitional solution that will make possible to satisfy shown needs of potential entrepreneurs – investors during the shorter medium-term period.

Attracting factors in the Small Economic Zone Kolonija for investors.

Extremely acceptable price of terrain with completely modern infrastructure. Very favourable traffic position of small economic zone (near road and railway hub, motorway and port river) and good connection with town roads.

The Zone is placed in Slavonski Brod which is potential big market with excellent geographical location. The Zone is placed directly along Free Zone Đuro Đaković – Slavonski Brod d.o.o. and Industrial zone Đuro Đaković, which makes possible to establish good traffic connection and business cooperation with economic buildings that make business with.

Completeness of quality and modern traffic and communal infrastructure on the area of small economic zone. Vicinity of border passing with the neighbouring Bosnia and Herzegovina. Accessibility of skilled and professional labour of all profiles in Town and neighbouring area.

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